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Our Story

Ampman Audio Services has over sixty years of combined experience in the use and support of professional audio products
Parts Drawers

Ampman Audio Services was founded in July 2007, primarily as a repair centre for  Lab.gruppen amplifiers. We were already very familiar with the Swedish manufacturer’s products, having been involved with the their introduction to the UK market in 1991. This placed us in an ideal position to be able to take on the full UK service contract, including warranty repairs.

At the same time, and in addition to Lab.gruppen services, Ampman Audio Services (AAS) also provided service to the Meyer Sound product range through their UK distributor Ambersound.

Building on our capabilities, Ampman Audio Services took on the UK service contract for RCF in 2010. We simultaneously expanded our workshop and test equipment in order to manage the increased demand for loudspeaker repairs.

Since 2014, we have been running a trade website for pro-audio spare parts. This allows users of the products we support to purchase spares without hassle. This has grown to become a key part of our business – many of these parts cannot be obtained anywhere else online.

The Italian loudspeaker manufacturer K-Array took on Ampman Audio Services as their UK service center in 2016. This takes us up until the present day, providing us with the final product range in the Ampman support portfolio.

We now offer a wide array of professional audio services, not just repairs – ranging from technical support & spare parts supply, to custom cable manufacturing & on-site fault diagnosis.

Ampman now has a staff of six, and we continue to look for new services to augment the live sound industry in the UK.