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Welcome to Ampman Audio Services

Ampman Audio Services is the official UK service center for RCF, Lab.gruppen and K-array. Book your faulty product in for repair today
Browse our webshop for a comprehensive range of sound reinforcement spares. We also stock electronic components, tools and accessories
We offer out-of-warranty repairs for our partner manufacturers. Ampman Audio Services can also cater for a selection of other products.

We support the following manufacturers

We can service, repair, and supply spares for the complete catalogue of RCF products.
Ampman has supported Lab.gruppen amplifiers for over 26 years.
The K-Array Slim Array Technologies represent the newest addition to our range of supported products.

We can also fix products from other manufacturers

Please enquire about brands not listed here.

Ampman Audio Services has over sixty years of combined experience in the use and support of professional audio products

Trusted Partners

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