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Ampman Audio Services is a manufacturer-authorised service center for all Lab.gruppen products
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We have been working on Lab.gruppen amplifiers ever since they first arrived in the UK

Ampman Audio Services is the UK authorised service agent for Lab.gruppen. As such, we are able supply the complete range of spare parts, and can provide unrivalled technical expertise on all Lab.gruppen products regardless of age.

Lab.gruppen’s high quality product range was first imported into the UK in 1992. We have been working with Lab.gruppen since that time, and see the product range as one of the pinnacles of power amplification design.

Please note that due to our non-disclosure agreement with Music Tribe we are unable to provide schematics for Lab.gruppen products.

We do not provide support, or supply any spares for counterfeit Lab.gruppen units.

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Resolving your faulty Lab.gruppen product

  • Lab.gruppen offer a ten year warranty on all products purchased after September 2014.
    – C-Series, PLM, FP+ & D-Series products purchased before September 2014 have a six year warranty.
    – Lake, IPD, NLB & E-Series products purchased before September 2014 have a three year warranty.
  • The warranty is non-transferable, and only applies to the original owner. The only exception to this is PLM/PLM+ products, which are transferrable just once per product on a second-hand basis.
  • Products that had a valid warranty on 1st September 2017 have a total of 10 years warranty from date of purchase.
    e.g. A PLM amplifier purchased on 12th September 2012 would have a warranty that would run till 12th September 2022.
  • Ampman Audio Services can only accept warranty claims on products purchased from an official UK dealer.
  • Proof of purchase is required, as this is used to determine an item’s warranty status. Copies or scans will not always be accepted.
  • Only faults due to manufacturing error are covered. Defects not covered under warranty include –
    – Damage due to amplifiers being over-driven
    – Faults caused my poor maintenance (e.g. lack of filter cleaning)
    – Physical damage to sockets / potentiometers
    – Chassis damage due to items being mishandled
  • Book your item in using our online form. Give as much detail as possible, i.e. under what conditions does the fault occur? hot, cold, damp etc.
  • Send the product to us – securely packed, with the ticket number clearly visible on the inside & outside of the package.
  • We will repair & return your product free of charge if it’s under warranty.
  • If your product is out of warranty, we will provide an estimate prior to repair. There is a charge for estimates. Should you accept the estimate, the estimate charge will not be included in the final invoice. Please read our terms and conditions.
  • We will only repair if given the approval in writing, as a reply to the estimate. For certain jobs that require expensive parts, a deposit may be required from non-account customers.